The ten most watched esports events in 2021 are shown below.

There have been new records set in terms of viewing in 2021, as well as titles rising to new heights of fame and acclaim. Several esports championships drew over 1 million peak viewers this year, including 22 different ones, whether they were traditional games building fan bases or mobile esports expanding their reach. eSports Insider, […]


Here is a collection of esports betting tips that could assist you in delivering some excellent gains while you gamble safely. If you need some assistance in making your esports bets count, then refer to this list of esports betting tips. Make use of our betting tips for esports: Research esports teams on Reddit while […]

How to Bet on Sports in the Year 2022: Betting on Sports

In recent years, this activity has emerged as one of the most sought after forms of recreation. Bookmakers provide odds on every facet of competitive play, which results in the playing of thousands of games on a daily basis. can help you navigate the esports ecosystem and place your first bet if you are […]